On Being Grateful

24 Apr

Hey y’all,

I want to get real for a minute. No products to share, no giveaway I want you to enter, no brands I’m trying to promote. Just real. I mean, not that my other blog posts aren’t real, but I started this blog as a place I could share not only things I love, but also my heart.

Today, I want to write about being grateful. It’s not something I make enough time to talk about, but it’s definitely  a priority.

On Being Grateful- The Accidental Mrs.

Because I am. I am grateful. I am so, so grateful. For my life, for my husband, my kids, our home, my parents and siblings, my in-laws, our jobs, our success, and most of all, our love and happiness.

It’s something I realize all the time- every time I wake up my sleepy-heads in the morning (okay, not the mornings they wake up kicking and screaming and baby-cursing me, but most mornings), every time I spend the morning with my husband before the kids wake up, and every morning when I walk downstairs in our dream home. I don’t know what I have done to be so blessed beyond measure, but I don’t want to question it.

Instead, I choose to savor it, to let the people in my life know how grateful I am for them, to smother them in love. I choose to tell my husband how lucky I am, how much I love our home, to thank him for everything he has ever done to get us where we are here. I choose to be grateful.

I hope that by putting it out there, by showing my gratitude every day, I will continue to see the good in every day. I hope I never lose focus or lose sight of who it is that makes my life so amazing.

I am so grateful- so forever grateful for the blessings in my life.




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