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On the run with Gerber’s Lil Beanies

28 Sep

Wake up. Get ready. Drive the kids to Mimi’s. Go to work. Teach/Pump/Teach/Pump/Plan. Meetings. Drive home. Feed the kids. Go see the new new house. Errands. Stuff to do. People to see. Always on the go and in the car and not a lot of down time. Welcome to our every day life, and I’m […]

A peek inside my library…

25 Sep


Hey everyone! Anyone who is a parent can probably attest to the fact that once you become a parent, your favorite hobbies include peeing alone and binge-watching your favorite shows in the 30 minutes between the kids falling asleep and you falling asleep. Kidding, kind of. When I do get a spare second to myself and […]

Baby Tino is 8 Months Old!

15 Sep


Ya’ll! My baby boy is 8 months old!!! My baby Tino. My baby boy. He is growing so much and becoming so fun, funny and unique every single day. I love this little booger and his three little snaggle teeth more and more every day and love watching him change and grow by the milisecond. […]


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