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The Perfect(ly Easy) Fruit Tart

25 Jun

Hey everyone! Today, I’m sharing a recipe that I’ve made twice in the last week, because it is so.dang.good! I’m loving this easy-to-make, quick, no bake fruit tart recipe, and wanted to spread the love! Now, I did make my own graham cracker crust but you could definitely make this just with a pre-made crust! […]

Grubbin’ on Gerber Lil’ Beanies

22 Jun


Hi everyone, Now that Baby Tino is eating and snacking, he has eyes on EVERYTHING… not joking- he stalks your food all the way from plate to fork to mouth. And one of those things he stalks is me…meaning, if I try to put him down to cook, do dishes, etc., he is not happy. […]

Learning a New Craft: Photography

17 Jun

Hey everyone! As a blogger, one of the best things you can do for yourself, your blog, and your name is create good, meaningful, visually appealing works to represent brands and your own brand. Part of that means taking great pictures to accompany your posts and reviews- something that, up until now, had not been […]

Baby Tino is 5 Months Old!!

15 Jun

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.07.48 PM

Hey everyone! Sorry this is a few days late, but we just got home from Disney World! It was!! I’m writing a whole separate post about tips for traveling to Disney with a baby, so stay tuned for that! Honestly, though, Tino was THE BEST baby ever and we had an amazing time. So, […]

Traveling to Disney World with a baby or toddler? Read this.

14 Jun

Hey everyone! So, we just got back from Disney World and it was AMAZING!!! While we were there, we got a lot of comments that we were brave to be there with a (crazy) toddler and a (still pretty small) baby. And while yes, there were a few moments of “OH MY GOD IT’S SO […]


6 Jun

Hey everyone, So, now that we are back from Disney World (whew- amazing!!) and summer is here, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want out of my 2-ish months off. We’re going on two week-long vacations, and I’m teaching summer school for a week, so really it’s only about a month of honest-to-goodness free […]


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