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Summer Update: We’re Outta Here!

25 Jun

Hey ya’ll!! It has been FOREVER since I have posted- I am SO sorry!!! I honestly thought that this summer I’d up my blog game, work with tons of companies and post 2 or 3 times per week. But guess what? I have been absolutely enthralled in my little girl and the fact that we […]

Summer Lovin’

5 Jun


Hey everyone! Hope you all are having as great of a summer as we are! Since this was my first year teaching, it was also my first year with a summer vacation- and OH. MY. GOODNESS- I’m sold!! It’s not like we’re sleeping in much over here, but getting to spend every single day with […]

*Review* HoneySuckle® b’Free Pumping Bandeau™

4 Jun


Hey everyone! Although my days of breastfeeding and pumping are behind me (we stopped right after Anissa Marie’s 1st birthday), I am still a huge advocate for breastfeeding, and for making that journey easier for Mom and Baby. I still plan to write a whole post about our breastfeeding journey, once I can wrap my […]


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