Happy Anniversary to my One and Only

10 Mar

It’s been 3 YEARS!!! 3 years since one of the best days of my life (I would say THE best day but it’s probably tied with the day we met a special someone). 3 years since we said I do. 3 years since we began this crazy awesome little family. 3 years! Holy moly.

Over the past year, our focus has definitely shifted to Anissa Marie, but having her in our lives has made our love for each other so much deeper. When I look at you now, I see not only my husband, my one and only, but I see a dad (or a papa ;)) and seeing Anissa’s love for you only makes mine grow deeper every day.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with you. You make me laugh, smile, and thank God every day for placing us in each other’s lives. Thank you for being you and for making me a better me.

MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO




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