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3 Mar

Ok teacher friends + bloggers, I have the PERFECT resource for you and your kids! I know I’m late to the game and this is my first year teaching, but I had my kids create their own blogs using KidBlog.org, and they absolutely love it!

Here’s what we did:

  • I started out by telling the kids that I was a blogger myself, because I love to write and it helps me express my creativity in a more relaxed way (I think this hooked some of my lower writers, and helped build their confidence).
  • I pulled up my blog on the Mimeo and showed them some of the high points: The header, my categories, tags, and a few posts to show them the variety of topics I blog about.
  • Pre-lesson planning: I went in to KidBlog.org and made each child their own account ahead of time, using their first name only.
  • We all headed to the computer lab, and I passed out their login info and passwords as they were logging in to the computers. Since I had pre-made these, it was a breeze getting them logged in.
  • I gave them 45 minutes to do a quick write using the prompt, “My favorite thing we learned about this week was…..” I think giving them that freedom to free-write really helped engage them and show their personalities in their writing.

I was so so impressed with their tech abilities and writing abilities. Without even explaining how, I had a few students even go above and beyond and teach themselves how to insert images. I am beyond a proud teacher 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 8.53.06 AM

You can check out my kids’ blogs here using the login “guest” and password “guest”. (I use only their first names + last initial for safety and security).




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