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Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov


Happy Thanksgiving to your family from mine 🙂 I hope today is a day filled with love, laughter, tons of food, and maybe even a little shopping for those brave souls! We’re heading out to my sister-in-law Jess’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving lunch, and I can’t wait to see the whole Rodriguez crew plus some! […]

*GIVEAWAY* Help change the world with I See Me! personalized books

24 Nov

Hey everyone, With Thanksgiving being this week (HOLY WHAT?!) that means Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner. Family has been asking what Anissa wants for Christmas, and it’s really helped kick me into high gear for shopping and planning. Luckily, I have a go-to gift this year that is so easy and perfect […]

Anissa Marie’s 7 Month Update!

20 Nov

Hey everyone, Oh boy- this is a big one… Anissa Marie is officially closer to 1 year old than a newborn. Sheesh! How in the whole wide world did this happen!? Weight: 19 pounds 12 oz on our home scale… my chunk chunk!! Height: 26.5 inches at her 6 month check-up, so probably somewhere around […]

*Giveaway* Become a Pretzel Pro with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels & More Homemade Baking Kit

17 Nov


Hi everyone, As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am a brand ambassador for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. Pretty “sweet” deal, eh? 🙂 Anyway, one of the things Auntie Anne’s is really proud of and wanted me to test out for myself is their Pretzels & More Homemade Baking Kit. With my sister Maddie’s 10th […]

Life Lately

14 Nov

Life Lately

Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing so well! I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past couple of weeks, so please accept my apology! I want nothing but to be blogging a lot- ask Mr. R, I tell him all the time I should […]

*Review* Keeping Breastmilk Fresh and Frozen with Milkies Freeze

11 Nov

Hey everyone, I know what you’re thinking, “another breastfeeding post?!” I told ya’ll, I’m totally hot on breastfeeding right now! I think I still feel so blessed that I was able to overcome so many obstacles and make it happen, and I just 1,000,000% am obsessed with the bonding time that Anissa and I get when we […]

Keep that Winter Skin Healthy! {Infographic}

6 Nov


Hey everyone, Although it’s barely fall, the weather here in Georgia has me checking the calendar some days! One day, I’m wearing a peacoat, boots and a scarf and bundling my baby up so tight you can barely see her little nose, and the next day it’s back to short sleeve shirts and capris. But […]

*Review* Pickled Pear Tree Nursing Necklace

3 Nov

2014-11-02 18.18.58

Hey everyone, I’ve been pretty vocal about the fact that I am still breastfeeding Anissa, and plan on telling the whole story about our journey soon. So in the spirit of breastfeeding, I’ve aligned with several different breastfeeding companies, and you’ll be seeing a few different reviews here and there for products to do with […]


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