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Anissa Marie’s Birth Story Part 3: The Birth

6 Jun

Finally we get to the good stuff! After making it through Part 1: The Diagnosis and Decision (where we found out we had Cholestasis and were being induced at 38 weeks) and Part 2: The Induction (where we had a 2-day long induction with a few complications) it’s finally time for Miss Anissa Marie to […]

*REVIEW* aden + anais new beginnings set

2 Jun

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 12.41.45 PM

Hi everyone! Now that we are home, settled, hospital-free and finally getting in the groove of things as life as a family of three, we have some go-tos and some never-leave-the-home-withouts. We always have an orange pacifier (the hospital-issued kind; they are amazing!), a just-in-case bottle, a second (and third) set of clothes (which have […]


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