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31 Week BumpDate

27 Feb


Hey everyone! I figured since my last Bump Date had been at 27 weeks, a random 31 week bump date seemed fitting! And, because I am feeling truly unoriginal, I decided to borrow this cute little questionnaire from one of my favorite bloggers (who is also due with a girl on April 30!) But before […]

*BOOK REVIEW*: Becoming Mum by Dr. Koa Whittingham

25 Feb

Hey everyone! When I was offered the chance to review a new book called Becoming Mum, written by Dr. Koa Whittingham, I knew it was an offer I couldn’t resist. How perfect, as I go through one of the most exciting, yet intimidating times in my life, to be able to find a book like […]

Friday Love List: February 21, 2014

21 Feb

Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a Friday Love List! Sheesh! Not that I haven’t had things to love- in fact, I think it’s quite the opposite! I am so filled with love these days for everything and everyone around me, I’d be having to make daily Love Lists to get […]

Mr. and Mrs. Get a Master!

18 Feb

First of all, let me be the first to say: Freakin’ finally!!! We love our house. It’s a sweet house, it’s our first house, it’s our home. But the dang house didn’t have a master suite in it! And you know what? That was fine. It was fine for the first two years we lived […]

*REVIEW* The Mr. Collection

10 Feb

Hey everyone! You may remember a while back when I was pretty obsessed with subscription boxes. If not, read up here first! Well, it was brought to my attention that another great service existed… one I had never heard of, called The Mr. Collection. How appropriate for my very own Mr. R! So, you may […]

The Nursery Diaries: Part 2

7 Feb

Hey everyone, As promised in The Nursery Diaries: Part 1, I’m so excited to be sharing our progress on Baby R’s nursery, every step of the way! During Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse last week, we were able to make so much progress on Anissa’s nursery. It had been the storage space for all the other rooms’ belongings […]

Anissa Marie’s 3D ultrasound

3 Feb

Hey everyone, This weekend was one of my favorite memories of all time- not even joking. Why, you may ask? Because we got to go see our sweet baby girl’s face at Stork Vision Atlanta! You may remember me talking about what a fabulous experience we had last time we went to Stork Vision, when […]

27 Week Bump Date!

1 Feb


Goodbye 2nd trimester, hello 3rd! That’s right folks- we are in the home stretch of baby cooking in the Rodriguez household! According to my app, Baby Girl is about 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds, making her the size of a head of cauliflower (and the cutest little cauliflower I’ve ever seen!) We […]


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