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The Nursery Diaries: Part 1

27 Jan

Hey everyone! So, as a fun way to chronicle the nursery of Baby R aka Anissa Marie, I thought I’d shed some light on our plans and progress as it happens. As you may know, we’re doing BIG TIME construction to the house. For that reason, the “nursery”, which was formerly the guest room, has […]

Pregnancy fears

17 Jan

Hey everyone, So, as this pregnancy progresses (completely normally so far, thank God!) I can’t help but worry/fear some things. I think it’s totally normal when you are, ya know, just bringing new life into the world, but I wanted to write about them for a few reasons: 1) to be able to look back […]

Friday Love List: January 10, 2014

10 Jan


Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you- but I am SO glad this day finally rolled around! We’re battling some colds in the house, so it will be nice to have a relaxing weekend at home. So, what’s on my Love List this week? Keep reading to find out! Baby Ella Sofia Our […]

Proud to be part of the Boba Family!

8 Jan


Hi everyone, As we are prepping for the arrival of our newest addition this Spring, I’m figuring out my way around the aisles of every baby store known to mankind and quickly figuring out which brands I love. One of those brands that I am loving is Boba Family, which is why I am so […]

Cheers to 2014!

2 Jan

Hey everyone! It’s our first post of the New Year! Can you believe it!? It feels like 2013 just flew by. I mean, it went by too fast! In 2013, we: Got a new car Celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary Celebrated our birthdays Celebrated my 1-year Blogiversary Visited The Big Apple Welcomed my parents and […]


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