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Friday Love List: August 30

30 Aug

Hey everyone, I have been all sorts of excited (and BUSY) lately for so many reasons, and I wanted to shed a little light onto a few of them! We’re getting a NIECE! The Rodriguez family is full of men and boys- my father-in-law is one of three boys, Mr. R is one of four […]

*Review and Giveaway* Get a #FABSmile with

27 Aug

Hey everyone, A smile is one of the best assets we can have, right? A smile can put people in a good mood, make you happy and show the world what a friendly person you are. What makes us smile is individual to all of us, but something we all have. For example, here’s something […]


21 Aug


It’s almost Friends and Family Time! I’m so excited to be going back to Texas in just two short weeks, and can’t wait to see all of my friends and family! My cousin is getting married near Austin, in Lake Travis, and we’re taking an extra long break to make sure we get to see […]

Healthy Snacks to Help You Stear Clear of the Vending Machines

13 Aug

We all know the feeling… 2 or 3 p.m. rolls around, lunch seems like a lifetime ago, and you start thinking about what could be in store for your afternoon. Is it a Snickers bar? Maybe a bag of BBQ chips? Or maybe you’ll go for the “healthy” option of fruit snacks or peanut butter […]

Friday Love List: August 9

9 Aug


Hey everyone, and a Happy Friday to you all! The past few weeks have been absolutely insane! We’ve got some life changes, big moves, new projects and all around life stuff going on here, and unfortunately my little blog has taken a back seat! But I’m back in action and ready to let you all […]

First Day of School Fairy

7 Aug


Hey everyone! Today is the first day of school in Gwinnett County here in Atlanta, which means the first day of school for my mom and sister-in-law (both teachers), and also for my sister, Maddie and my nephew, Alejandro! It’s an especially special day because it is Maddie’s first day at her new school, my […]

Bridging Sibling Age Gaps

1 Aug


Hi everyone, So as you all know, I have a sister. Being that I had one brother growing up, I always wanted a sister- I mean, what girl doesn’t want another gal pal around to share clothes with and play Barbies with (luckily my brother helped me out there- don’t kill me, Matt!) Once I […]


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