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Friday Love List: June 28

28 Jun

Hey everyone!It’s that time again for the weekly Friday Love List! I’ve been traveling all week long, so my blogging has been a little scattered- but there are still plenty of things for me to love! NYC: This one is a given, right? After spending almost a week in NYC with good friends, my hubs, […]

Dexter is Coming BACK!!!

26 Jun

Hey everyone! There are a few shows we are hooked on. It’s a limited number, compared to some other people’s DVR line-ups, but the shows that we are in love with, we are so deeply in love with. One of those shows is Dexter. I mean, have you seen Dexter?! It’s dark, shady, scary, but […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Monthly Box Subscriptions

24 Jun

Hi everyone, Lately, everyone’s been chatting about what they’ve been getting in the mail, and I’m not just talking about my blogger friends. Subscription boxes, which allow registered users to sign up and pay for a box of samples and goodies every month, are all the rage right now. Since I am looking to jump […]

New York, New York!

20 Jun

Tonight, Mr. R and I are heading to NEW YORK! We are going for work, and I will be attending the IABC World Conference (which I’m super excited about) but we also tacked on a weekend trip before to go visit one of my very best friends, Angelique! I can’t wait to see this crazy […]

The Aviles Family HAS ARRIVED!

19 Jun

That’s right folks! My parents and sister (we miss you, Matt!) have up and moved their happy booties to the A! We are so excited to have them here in Atlanta- I just can’t even put it into words! I have missed them so much the past 7 years of living cross-country, and feel so […]

Recipe: Key Lime Pudding Parfait

18 Jun

Hey everyone, Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. Key lime pie is my favorite dessert. Therefore, key lime pie is pretty much always at the forefront of my mind. Sad, I know, but don’t pity me just yet, as I am here to share an easy and delcious twist on my favorite dessert… Key […]

Happy Father’s Day to all!

16 Jun

Hi everyone! Just want to wish everyone a very happy, special and memorable Father’s Day. I hope it’s filled spending time with your dad/husband/other important dads in your life, as they deserve so much for everything they do for us! Happy Father’s Day to my father-in-law, brothers-in-law and uncles- you are all such wonderful fathers! […]

Friday Love List: June 14

14 Jun


Hi everyone, and a very happy Friday to you all! We have a relaxing, low-key but fun Father’s Day weekend coming up, and I hope you all enjoy yours, as well! Here are a few things I am absolutely loving on this week and have made it to The Friday Love List! What would you […]

Newest wedding dress retailer: Target?

12 Jun

wedding 3

Hey everyone! Weddings are expensive; we all know that. The typical American wedding costs $27,000, and as you can imagine, a good chunk of that is usually spent on the wedding dress; a one-time-use splurge that will make the bride feel like a princess for a day.  I absolutely loved my wedding dress, and would […]

We’re Back… from a staycation!

10 Jun

photo 2

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but we have been “away” for a little while… and by “away”, I mean we took a staycation only 15 miles from our house! We decided we needed a weekend away, just for us, but didn’t want to take any […]


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