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Home Beer Brewing *Guest Post from Mr. R!*

30 Jan

Hey everyone! The below is a guest post from my dear hubs, Mr. R, about home beer brewing. He was inspired by his friend RaShun (you can check out his Etsy shop Cervza Fria here and be sure to follow him on Twitter for a good laugh). We bought the home brew kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop, which you’ll see more […]

Recipe: Coquitos (Coconut Dessert)

29 Jan

Hey everyone! Today I have a super-delish and even easier recipe for all my lovelies! The other night we went over to my in-laws’ house for dinner, and my mother-in-law had made coquitos. I had no idea what they were, but waited paitently through dinner and when it was finally time for dessert… oh-my-gosh-mind-blown! Basically, […]

Fashion Finds: Long Skirts for the winter

28 Jan

Fashion Finds: Long Skirts for the winter

I’ve told you all about my new love for Polyvore, a site where you can go to put together outfits and see how they’ll look before making the plunge! So, since it’s been so cold here (and I’m sure everywhere else) I’ve been heading to Polyvore to put together weather-appropirate but still-cute outfits, and by […]

Introducing our new Ford Explorer!

28 Jan

There’s a silver lining in every situation; in ours, although I totaled a car, we were starting to think about getting a new car anyway, so it just sped up the process. And, we ended up receiving a lot more for my car through insurance than we would have by trading it in. So, we […]

Valentine’s Day is Coming! Decorations and Ideas

27 Jan


Hello lovelies! Can you believe we are only a little over two weeks away from celebrating Love Day? I love Valentine’s Day and everything pink, red and white, so wanted to share a few of my favorite Valentine’s ideas with you all! Of course, when it comes to actual ideas for what to do with […]

Date Night Ideas: Round 2

24 Jan

Hey everyone! You may remember one of my earliest posts was about Date Night ideas. Well, check it out for our first round of date night ideas if you missed it, because I’m adding a Round 2 to it below! The idea of planning a date (for either the man or the woman) should NOT […]

Our Honeymoon on the Carnival Triumph

22 Jan

So, since this is, afterall, a newlywed blog, one of my favorite things to write about is anything that allows me to drift back to our wedding or anything around that oh-so-special time in our lives. One of my favorite things about the past year was definitely our honeymoon, and when I realized I had […]

My Pay it Forward Challenge

21 Jan

Hey everyone! Maybe it’s because it’s MLK Day, or because it’s Inauguration Day (it surely can’t be because it’s a Monday, though)… whatever the reason, I’m feeling very in the spirit to share and pay it forward. Perfect timing that I recently came accross the idea to do a Pay It Forward Challenge, and I […]

Happy 4th Birthday, Lino Antonio!

20 Jan

Today is one of my very very sweet nephew’s 4th birthday, so I wanted to put up a quick Happy Birthday post! So, Happy 4th Birthday, Lino Antonio! May you have at least a hundred more years of happiness and love 😉 Tio Cele and I love you mucho! Make sure you click on one […]

My brother, the actor

19 Jan


So, to me, my little brother will always be just my little brother. Check out the little guy here: Ok, so mayyyybe time has passed since then, and this is more what he looks like. No matter what he looks like, he’ll always be my little brother, the bratty five year old that pulled my […]


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