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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct


This made me giggle. Hope you all have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  

Halloween Goodies for the Kids

30 Oct

I am a huge believer in gift baskets and goody bags for everything. I mean- thank goodness I don’t have kids yet, because they would so be spoiled rotten! Everytime we stop at the store, we find something for our nephews or to send to my sister! So when it comes to Halloween, we are of […]

Happy 8th Birthday, Madelyn!

26 Oct

maddie 6

Today is an on-so-special day! It’s my amazingly wonderful, super duper beautiful, perfectly sweet little sister’s 8th birthday! I am so sad I can’t be there for her breakfast in bed, something we have been spoiled with all our lives, but I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of her. We love you, […]

Introducing Pebbles!

22 Oct


Hey yall! We have a new little member of our family to introduce! This little furball is Pebbles, and we are already so in love! So how did this happen, you may ask? Well, Mr. R and I were just getting in the car to head to the store, and we just see this little […]

Restaurant Review: Rosebud Atlanta

17 Oct


Hi everyone! A few weekends ago, Mr. R and I set out to try Waffold, this great restaurant we had heard so much about, where all of the menu offerings are basically sweet and savory sandwiches wrapped in a waffle. YUM, right? Well, not wrong, per se, but we never had the chance to try […]

Very Pinterest-ing: And infographic on who is using Pinterest

15 Oct

Hey yall- I found this great Infographic, by modea and posted on, on who is using Pinterest, and different stats about the users. I originally found this when researching for work, but thought it was good enough to share with all of you, as well, in case you are interested in learning about the effects […]

Kitty Lovers UNITE!

10 Oct


  My coworker sent us all the infographic below, which is depicting a REAL study done by National Geographic and The University of Georgia where they attached small cameras to house cats and monitored their outdoor activities. As a kitty mommy and kitty lover, I probably think this is funnier than most. Hence, the reason you […]

Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month Event Recap

9 Oct


Hey yall! Remember when I told you all about a great event I had been invited to by Macy’s in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month? Well, if not, you can catch up here. The event was also meant to honor Carlos Santana with the 2012 Style of Icon award, which is a huge honor! The […]

Halloween Costume ideas for everyone

8 Oct

This year, Trick-or-Treaters and Halloween-party-goers everywhere have so many ways to make sure they stand out in the crowd and have a costume that truly expresses who they are and what they like. Of course, Google is a natural first step to find ideas, images and shopping sites if you are in a hurry. But […]

Braves Game Recap: Chipper’s Last Home Game

5 Oct

Untitled-10 copy

Hi everyone! Last weekend was a fun one. We (and by we, I mean Cele’s parents and brother’s and their families, one of my sister-in-law’s family, and a few friends) got to enjoy Chipper Jones’ last home game with the Atlanta Braves! What an exciting game to get to go to. I mean, this guy […]


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