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Quotes… Food for thought

30 Aug


While cruising Pinterest in hopes of finding ideas for canvas wall art for our hallway, I was inspired by so many beautiful quotes. Of course, Mr. R thought they were cheesy, but I especially loved the ones below. If they mean something to you, I hope you enjoy…

Our favorite date nights…

24 Aug

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Hey yall! Since it’s Friday, I’ve got date night on the mind! If you are looking for some cheap / free date night ideas, look no further! I’m putting together some of my favorite date ideas here, and most of them are TOO easy not to try! Do you have a favorite idea that I’ve […]

Our DIY wedding touches

22 Aug


Hey yall! I love DIY projects. Literally, any time I have a free day I am thinking of different projects I could be doing! So when it came time to thinking up decor for the wedding, it was a no-brainer that we’d incorporate lots of our own touches. In fact, this feature in Houston Wedding Blog  called our […]

Guest Recipe Post: Dad’s French Toast

21 Aug

Hey yall! This morning we have a guest post from none other than my dad (and he doesn’t even know it!) I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing his AMAZING Strawberry French Toast recipe with you all though. It’s so good, so so good. So, without further ado, here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 1. Four eggs […]

Inspiration Board: White!

20 Aug

Hey yall! So we have very little time to get all these white pieces in before Labor Day, if you believe in those “rules”. I still remember being a freshman at The University of Alabama, in my sorority of course, when I heard that for the first time. Really? No white after Labor Day? Says […]

Hilarious Family Feud “Best Of” Moments

19 Aug

Happy Sunday, Yall! So, literally, one of my favorite things to do is laugh. Laugh at funny stuff, laugh at stupid stuff… I pretty much find everything funny to varying degrees. So when I came across this video at work on Friday, I LOST it. Like, I was looking around to make sure no one […]

The Rodriguez Family is Complete!

15 Aug

Wow! Sorry for the major lack of blogging around here! As I’m sure you know from my Rehearsal Dinner post, last weekend was Mr. R’s brother Samy’s wedding. He married a wonderful girl and one of my very closest friends, and I couldn’t be happier that she is my newest sister-in-law! Welcome to the family, […]

What Should You Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner?

9 Aug


Hey yall! So, Mr R.’s younger brother Samy and his amazing fiance Jess are FINALLY tying the knot this weekend! I can’t wait to finally have Jess join the family (officially as a Rodriguez, though she’s been an honorary one for longer than me!) In honor of how excited I am for this beautiful wedding, […]

Second Part of Wedding Video: Cocktail Hour

9 Aug

Here’s another sneak peek at our lovely wedding video 🙂 Love reliving the moments every time I watch this! [youtube=]

Recipe: Sausage Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Veggies

7 Aug

MMM- got another good recipe for you guys today! A few days ago, Mr. R made some absolutely delicious stuffed chicken breasts with roasted veggies. See how tasty it looks? So, want to know how he made it? Check out the recipe below! Ingredients: – 4 chicken breasts with skin – 1 sausage link (we […]


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