5 Tips to buying an espresso machine on a budget

The aroma of freshly made espresso is refreshing, which explains the high demand for espresso machines. However, some of the machines also come at a cost and may seem out of reach. Nevertheless, do not despair since you can still buy an espresso machine on a budget.

The market is flooded with different types and brands of espresso machines. Although it may seem a challenging task to choose the one to buy and on a budget, there are many sites providing great reviews. For instance, https://coffeeinmyveins.com/ has reviews for top-rated semi-automatic, top-rated super automatic and top-rated pod espresso machines.

The below tips can help you when you are buying an espresso machine on a budget.

  1.    Accept inconveniences

The most expensive espresso machines are convenient to use since they have all the required accessories such as a built-in grinder, frother, and tamper. Others have super automatic pumps and double boilers. For instance, a capsule espresso machine only requires you to put in the pod, press a button and you have your espresso. However, the convenience comes at a cost.

If you are on a budget, you can forego some of these conveniences. For instance, you can buy an espresso machine that does not have a grinder and you grind the coffee separately, one that uses a semi-automatic pump instead of an automatic one or a machine with a single boiler instead of a double boiler.

A single boiler will not allow you to steam milk and pull shots concurrently, but it can still give you a good espresso.

The most important part in making espresso is having fresh well-roasted coffee that is ground well. With these, you can make good espresso with any espresso machine provided it has good temperature stability.

  1.    Scale down on some features

An espresso machine with a double boiler costs more than the one with heat exchanger while machines with conical grinders cost more than with flat grinders. If an espresso machine can give you the same quality espresso, then you can forego some features. It is better to buy a cheaper espresso machine with a  classic design than a similar one with a modern design if you are on a budget.

  1.    Buy refurbished or display espresso machines

Even on a budget, you can get a high-quality espresso machine from a reputable dealer if you opt for display machines or those that are refurbished. This way, you will still enjoy a good cup of espresso but after spending less on the machine.

Also, if you go to buy /sell forums or on espresso hobbyists’ websites, you can find great used espresso machine gear at lower prices.

  1.    Buy second hand

You can get a good quality used espresso machine on a budget on sites such as eBay. Just make sure you know how to check if the machine needs repair and if there are faulty parts. You can also buy a good quality second-hand grinder that can ground fine coffee for espresso.

Second-hand espresso machines have the same performance as new machines and they can give you a similar quality espresso. Only buy a machine that is in good working condition or one that can be repaired easily.

  1. Buy high-quality unpopular brands

Popular brands tend to cost more than unpopular brands, which also applies to espresso machines. You can find two espresso machines with similar functionality but from different brands having different prices. You can save by buying the unpopular brand and still get the same quality espresso.

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