Room Reveal: Tino’s Nursery!

21 Jan

Hey ya’ll, I’m so excited to finally be sharing the house room-by-room. Ya’ll- putting together a new house is no joke- this has been a serious labor of love! Of course, we can only get bits and pieces done at a time (shout out to naptime for letting me finally get this room decorated!) so it’s […]

Valentine’s-ing it up around the house!

20 Jan

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.11.29 PM

Hey y’all! So, if you know me, you know as soon as one holiday is over, I’m pulling out the decorations for the next holiday! Between kitchen and bathroom towels, rugs, wall hangings and front door hangings, we’re usually pretty well covered. Well, since we’ve been in the new house and still living semi- out […]

Letters To My Little Ones: #3 Time With My Tino

18 Jan

Dear Tino, Lucky for you, this week, your sister is gone to Cuba with Papi, so for the first time in your life, it’s all about you. How sad is that? For the first time in your life, you get all the attention. I guess that comes with the territory of being the second child, […]

Get away with + win a gift card!

16 Jan

Hey ya’ll, If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been dreaming of getting away in the new year. Maybe it’s a weekend trip you want to take with the family, somewhere that you can have fun and let loose together. Or maybe your vacation visions are filled with tropical drinks with little umbrellas, bikinis, and exchanging this […]

Letters To My Little Ones: #2 Today You Left Me

14 Jan

Dear Anissa, I haven’t stopped crying all morning. Not because I’ve had a bad day, or because I’m stressed or upset. Because today, you left me. You and Papi went on your first solo adventure, to Cuba! Over the next 8 days, you’ll get to meet your family members you’ve been hearing so much about, […]

Letters To My Little Ones: #1 You’re a Part of Me

11 Jan

I’ve decided to write letters to my babies, Anissa and Tino, as they come to me and I feel the need. Nothing forced, nothing planned. Just letters to my babies, that they can read throughout the years as they grow up.  Dear babies, I say that now, but by the time you can read these […]

New Year, New Me? We’ll See…

10 Jan


Hey everyone, So, it’s that fateful time once a year when we all make crazy resolutions we never intend to keep. But, I decided to make some goals instead that are actually do-able and that will hopefully help me stay more focused on what I want to accomplish this year. AND, I wrote them down! […]

Our New House: Downstairs Peek

8 Jan


Hey everyone! After months of hassle and back-and-forth and moving closing dates, we began to think we’d never get into our new house. But just when we g0t down, things turned around and on November 23, we finally closed on our new home and began moving in. Fast forward a month and the holidays were […]

Ben the Rooster- Your Kid’s New BFF!

2 Jan


Hey ya’ll and Happy New Year! For those of you who got a chance to check out the Holiday Gift Guide or who follow me on Instagram, you may remember me sharing about a great new friend that Anissa has, Ben the Rooster, a pen pal who uses the excitement of receiving snail mail to encourage kids […]

Baby Tino is ONE!!!

1 Jan


BAM! Just like that, my baby boy is ONE. How is that even possible? I’ve spent my nights falling asleep replaying the past year in my mind, wondering how the best year of my life, with both of my precious babies, has come and gone so quickly. From replaying his birth over and over again, […]


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