Anissa Marie’s 8 Month Update!

19 Dec


Hi everyone, Holy smokes! I know I say this every month, but how is my baby girl a month closer to ONE?! She is 8 months old now, an that just absolutely blows my mind! It’s been a tough few weeks for our little gal. As you may have read, she’s been sick. And not just […]

Anissa’s Pictures with Santa 2014

17 Dec


Hi everyone! In honor of Wordless Wednesday, I won’t say much, but I will leave you with some cute pictures of Anissa Marie’s first visit to Santa! I absolutely love these, and although we didn’t get a smile, she didn’t lose it, so that’s winning in my book! How did your baby’s first Santa visit […]

More than Half of US Babies Sleep Unsafely, Says New Study

15 Dec

Not Safe

Hey everyone, As ya’ll know, I am a huge safe sleep advocate and have worked with HALO, the makers of the Sleepsack, several times, trying to spread the word about safe sleep. Well, my friends at HALO shared a new, shocking government study with me that says more than half of U.S. parents claim their babies […]

*Review* Mom’s Necklace

11 Dec


Hey everyone, Part of being a mom that I am quickly learning about is the need to mix comfort, fashion and safety in to one. While it may seem like a weird mix, it’s actually something I’ve struggled with almost daily and am finally starting to get a grip of! For example, when I get […]

My baby girl’s been sick…

10 Dec

And it’s got me feeling the blues! Seriously, who knew that one little girl could affect my whole life this much!? So, tis the season for sickness, I guess, and not even my sweet girl could escape it. She came down with a fever last weekend, which she had for two days but without any […]

*Review* Experience the healing power of Amber Healing Necklaces

5 Dec


Hi everyone, Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Personally, I’ve been spending some time Christmas shopping (there are worse ways to spend my time, I guess!) I know last week I shared my favorite gifts for kids, but this week I have one for kids and adults alike- Amber Healing Necklaces from Amber Artisans. […]

*Review* The Easy Bra from Nursing Bra Express

1 Dec


Hi everyone, When you think of becoming a new mom, I’m sure most people don’t think about being sexy… I mean, isn’t that how you got in this mess in the first place? All joking aside, most new moms probably feel frumpy, fat, sweaty and greasy- believe me, I was there, I know the feeling. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov


Happy Thanksgiving to your family from mine I hope today is a day filled with love, laughter, tons of food, and maybe even a little shopping for those brave souls! We’re heading out to my sister-in-law Jess’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving lunch, and I can’t wait to see the whole Rodriguez crew plus some! My […]

*GIVEAWAY* Help change the world with I See Me! personalized books

24 Nov


Hey everyone, With Thanksgiving being this week (HOLY WHAT?!) that means Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner. Family has been asking what Anissa wants for Christmas, and it’s really helped kick me into high gear for shopping and planning. Luckily, I have a go-to gift this year that is so easy and perfect […]

Anissa Marie’s 7 Month Update!

20 Nov

Hey everyone, Oh boy- this is a big one… Anissa Marie is officially closer to 1 year old than a newborn. Sheesh! How in the whole wide world did this happen!? Weight: 19 pounds 12 oz on our home scale… my chunk chunk!! Height: 26.5 inches at her 6 month check-up, so probably somewhere around […]


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