May The Force Be With You- And the Cereal Eaters of the World

22 Nov


Hey everyone! Remember the good old days, when you’d run to open a new box of cereal and find out which toy was in the box? Somewhere between my childhood and actually becoming a parent myself, that fun tradition seemed to have been lost. But good news for all you cereal lovers out there- General […]

How to be a Healthy Hostess with Sprouts this Holiday Season!

18 Nov

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is feeling festive and in the holiday spirit, because ready or not, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Over the weekend, to mentally prepare myself for the holiday mindset, I was able to attend an event hosted by Sprouts Farmers Market and The Cook’s Warehouse on how to be a healthy hostess! I […]

Capture the Joy of Movement with Huggies’ #SetBabyFree Campaign!

9 Nov


Hey everyone! Once Anissa started walking right after her 1st birthday, there was no stopping my little go-getter (ok, let’s be real- there’s been no stopping her since she was crawling and scooting!) But now that she is 18 months, she is probably one of the most on-the-go babies I’ve ever met. We have people every day, […]

Our Baseball Themed Baby Shower!

6 Nov

Hey everyone! Today I want to share our super-cute and amazingly fun baseball-themed baby shower that my sisters-in-law,  mom  and mother-in-law threw for us! I am *trying* to get back on my blog game, so the fact that this post is only coming 2 weeks after said baby shower is actually a win for me! […]

Anissa Marie’s 18 Month Update

1 Nov


Holy moly, ya’ll! The last time I posted an update about Anissa, she was turning 1! That’s a whopping 6 months of you guys missing her- I know you did Anissa is doing fantastic- she’s seriously the most awesome kid I’ve ever met (in my humble opinion, of course!) But, homegirl is going through a […]

28 Week BumpDate: Baby R #2!

30 Oct


Hey everyone! I can’t believe we are already in the 3rd trimester with Baby Boy!!! That means we are so close (maybe too close for this unprepared second-time mama-to-be?)! But, all freaking out aside, I am SO excited to meet this sweet boy and have a newborn in my arms- there is nothing sweeter! So […]

23 week Bump Date: Baby R #2

25 Sep


Hey everyone!Ya’ll! I am the worst blogger EVER. I am so sorry to have gone AWOL on ya’ll. Between school, doing freelance PR, keeping our house semi-running, semi-keeping up with the craziest toddler ever, family events, and being just plain exhausted from Baby #2, I just honestly haven’t had a second to spare. I will […]

That’s a Wrap! The First Week of School 2015

16 Aug


Phew! The first week of school is OFFICIALLY IN THE BOOKS! I am so excited and proud to have completed my first “first week of school” (last year I was a student teacher). I know I have SO much to go and this is only just the beginning, but the year has started off better […]

It’s a…. {Gender/Name Reveal + Ultrasound Pictures!}

2 Aug


Hey everyone! What an exciting post!! We went to one of our favorite baby spots again this time, Stork Vision Atlanta, which specializes in 3D and 4D ultrasounds and early gender reveals. At just 15 weeks, 3 days, we were able to find out that Baby R #2 is a…. BOY!!!!!! Wow!! What a shock. […]

Back-to-School Maternity Fashion

30 Jul


Hey everyone! So- holy smokes! We teachers go back to school on MONDAY for a week of pre-planning, and then the kiddos join us one week from then (August 10!) I honestly can’t even believe that the summer months have flown by so quickly, and am mourning the loss of pool days and 24/7 with […]


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