*Book Review* The Curvy Girls Club

22 Jul

Hi everyone! I love reading, but it’s only ever so often that I get to curl up with a good book (er, Nook). So when I do, it’s gotta be a¬†good book to keep me interested. My latest read was just that- a fun, good book about friendship and learning to accept yourself (can I […]

*Recipe* Lactation Cookies

14 Jul

Hi everyone, It’s no secret that I have had milk supply issues. Between retained placenta, which hinders production, to having to go days and weeks without nursing due to being in the hospital, it’s been a tough road but I’ve been fighting like crazy to continue to nurse Anissa Marie. I’ll write a whole seperate […]

Anissa Marie’s Birth Story Part 4: The Aftermath

12 Jul

Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay in wrapping up Anissa Marie’s birth story, but this is the least fun part and I’ve definitely been putting off this blog post. But, it’s part of the story and I definitely want to document it, if for nothing else but myself in the future to be able […]

Anissa Marie is TWO (and a half) months old!

5 Jul

Ok ok, I win the Worst Parent Award for posting a 2 month recap closer to Baby Girl’s 3 month birthday, but cut me some slack- the past few weeks have been tough and I’ve been in and out of the hospital, so blogging has unfortunately slipped a bit. Here are Anissa Marie’s stats from […]

Anissa Marie’s Birth Story Part 3: The Birth

6 Jun

Finally we get to the good stuff! After making it through Part 1: The Diagnosis and Decision (where we found out we had Cholestasis and were being induced at 38 weeks) and Part 2: The Induction (where we had a 2-day long induction with a few complications) it’s finally time for Miss Anissa Marie to […]

*REVIEW* aden + anais new beginnings set

2 Jun

Hi everyone! Now that we are home, settled, hospital-free and finally getting in the groove of things as life as a family of three, we have some go-tos and some never-leave-the-home-withouts. We always have an orange pacifier (the hospital-issued kind; they are amazing!), a just-in-case bottle, a second (and third) set of clothes (which have […]

*REVIEW* Dandelion’s Handcrafted Ladybug Ring Rattle

27 May

Hey everyone, One of the things I’ve noticed since becoming a mom is that it really matters to me what kinds of toys, clothes and products Anissa is using on a day-to-day basis. I look for things that are soft, fabric that won’t irritate her gentle skin, toys without big pieces and parts she can […]

Anissa Marie: Month One Photo

21 May

Hey everyone, I don’t think this post needs much more than the picture. Thanks to the amazing Mr. R for setting up a quick one month photo shoot and producing this precious picture- I’m in love with my sleepy girl and just had to share this! XO, Amanda

Happy Birthday, Mr. R!

20 May

Hey everyone, Another year has come and gone, and it’s time to wish my better half (and newly-minted Baby Daddy) a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today, my love turns 32, even though he’ll forever be 28, and me 23, in his mind The past year has probably been one of the greatest we have had, thanks […]

Our baby girl is ONE month old!

19 May

Hey everyone! Holy smokes, where has the past month gone? As you’ll soon find out in Part 4 of our birth story, the first month of Anissa Marie’s life has been laced with ER visits, surgeries, etc. (all for me, thank God, she is perfectly healthy!) So, it’s no wonder that the first month flew […]


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